Action on the Environment

As well as being highly entertaining all our films have a message that links to sustainable living;

Suggestions, quotes and links from the films and filmmakers of PPFF 2014

FILM: Trashed – ISSUE: Waste – DATES:

“Improving the waste situation often seems an impossible challenge. But nobody is expected to save the world on their own! By making small changes in our lives, together we can all make a huge difference to the work around us.” Trashed 2013

FILM: Moo Man: – ISSUE: Sustainable Farming – DATES:

Moo Man’s campaign Milk Matters would like their website to become a resource for all kinds of info and links to raw milk, sustainable food and farming issues.

FILM: Bee Movie: – ISSUE: Bee Decline – DATES 

Campaigns to understand the plight of bees have received a lot of coverage and here is a selection of prominent campaigns, you can do your bit by planting bee friendly plants in your garden, parks and surroundings, there are also endless puns…
Keep Britain Buzzing
RHS planting advice for Bees
Plan Bee
Bee Cause

FILM: Up in Smoke – ISSUE: sustainable food growing – DATES:
Up in Smoke follows Mike Hands, as he works to connect with and convince local farmers to make the leap from slash and burn to Inga alley cropping, and his struggle to bring the issue of slash and burn farming to the forefront of ecological thinking.
It’s all about us, people, we’re the ones having the biggest impact on the planet and the aim of the Film Festival is show how pro-environmental choices can be easy, normal and attractive through the medium of entertaining and informative films.
Climate Change will pose many challenges to our way of life but how do we approach these challenges? The People and Planet Film Festival celebrates what an amazingly diverse place it is we live in and how utterly unique we all are – how can we use this to our advantage when tackling environmental issues?
Contact if you want to get involved and look out for further updates on this site.


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