People and Planet Film Festival couldn’t happen without our partners
Flood Watch
Flood Watch is a project funded by Defra to increase community resilience to extreme weather events, in particular flooding. Throughout the 2 weeks of the film festival PPFF will be screening a number of water related films and also hosting a number of soggy related workshops.

Darwen Town Council 
Darwen Town Council have supported the film festival right from the outset. The council has a long history of supporting high profile events such as Darwen Live, Darwen Pedal Car Grand Prix and Darwen Gala.
Darwen Market Town, the Town Hall / Market recently underwent refurbishment to create 5 traditional shops in the front of the building, restoring it to it’s former state of the 1880’s. The new shops include an Italian deli, traditional sweet shop, barbers and children’s clothing and gifts store.  Watch a film and experience some of that Lancashire hospitality.
The centre of the Film Festival, Darwen Library Theatre is less than 5 minute’s walk from the railway station and has fantastic facilities (see gallery) a licensed bar and day time cafe area.


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