2013 Programme

Eventbrite - People and Planet Film Festival

Sat 9th Feb 19:00 The Yes Men Fix the World
21:00 Festival launch night
 Sun 10th Feb 10:30 Steamboy
12:45 Premier: Darren’s Day Out &
  Darwen Days’ Reel to Reel & Darwen in Film
16:00 Even the Rain
 Mon 11th Feb 10:00 Bee Movie
13:00 Walking and Cycling Festival walk &
  Remembering Wainwright film
18:30 Riding with Giants
 Tues 12th Feb 10:00 Fern Gully
12:00 Bee Movie
14:00 The Hunter
Fri 15th Feb 10:00 Fern Gully
13:00 Arctic Tale
 Sat 16th Feb 11:00 Bee Movie
13:00 Arctic Tale
16:00 Soylent Green
17:45 Burning Ice
19:00 Into Eternity
Sun 17th Feb 11:00 Arctic Tale
13:00 Sunday Shorts
19:00 Chasing Ice
Mon 18th Feb 10:00 Bee Movie
13:00 Arctic Tale
17:30 Riding Giants
Tues 19th Feb 10:00 Bee Movie
12:00 Fern Gully
14:00 Made in Dagenham
17:30 Steamboy
Fri 22nd Feb 10:00 Fern Gully
12:00 Bee Movie
15:00 Vanishing of the Bees
17:00 Steamboy
19:00 Age of Stupid
21:00 It’s a Wrap: closing party

Every single one of the films that we have chosen is unmissable but we’ve tried to pick out a few highlights for you.

Launch night: We open the festival with a hilarious comedy that deals a serious message. Yes Men Fix the World will leave you feeling that anything is possible and is thoroughly entertaining. We’ll be rolling out the Green Carpet for our first night and you’ll be able to join us after the film as the theatre bar is kept open until late with tunes inspired from film.

Darwen in Film, on Sunday 10th February, we will feature old archive footage of Darwen and surrounding areas from across the ages.  We have an exclusive screening from the Sam Hanna collection and we’ll be putting Darwen Days on the big screen. The Sam Hanna film is from the North West Archive and features Darwen Saddlers J Houghton and Sons and Dawen Days features Cine footage from 1930s up to the present day. We also have the colourful animation from the Clitheroe Line Community Rail Partnership and community artist Alastair Nicholson.

Remembering Wainwright 
On Monday 11th Feb we remember Alfred Wainwright with a film courtesy of Eric Robson’s striding edge and a walk to the edge of Darwen Moor.

Sponsored by Darwen Town Council and Lancashire Community Railway we encourage everyone to arrive by train at Darwen Library Theatre.


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